4 Common DIY Kitchen Upgrades

25 April 2017

Think back to your childhood and your favorite memories. There is little doubt many of the best times were spent in the kitchen. Whether it was the kitchen in your parent’s house hanging out with your friends, or the kitchen at your grandmother’s when she taught you to bake her famously delicious cookies, you have many fond memories in the kitchen. It’s the most important room in your home, and it should be one in which you feel comfortable and in love. A boring kitchen isn’t inspiring, and it’s time to tackle some clever DIY kitchen upgrades that are simple, quick, and budget-friendly.

New Cabinets

You’re wondering how this is simple, how you can do it yourself, and how you can do it within your budget, and that’s all right. We’re not telling you to rip the kitchen cabinets out and replace them. We’re telling you to paint them or stain them. You can change the color with a few paintbrushes and some self-leveling paint and end up with a brand-new kitchen in a few days. It’s a significant change, and it makes a huge impact. Your kitchen will look brand-new.

Change the Hardware

Few people think of this because it’s such a simple change. Exchanging the hardware takes no time, little effort, and it’s easy. You can do it yourself in less than an hour, and it makes a much bigger difference than you might imagine. The hardware doesn’t seem noticeable on your cabinets until you replace it with something upscale and fabulous. That’s when you’ll notice the big differences.

New Lights

Light is good in a kitchen, but not all lights are good in a kitchen. It’s time to go shopping for new fixtures with which to upgrade your lighting game. Think timeless pieces that are chic and elegant so they stand the test of time. It’s tempting to choose something trendy, but it’s also not going to last as long as you’d like for the price you’re paying.

Upgrade the Bar

Do you have a kitchen with a big bar where the kids sit in their stools and do their homework? If you do, you might consider upgrading the wall of the bar under the countertops. Add faux stone, bead board, or consider some reclaimed wood or shiplap on the wall of the bar to make it stand out. You can’t see it from the kitchen, but you can see it from every other room. It will make a big difference, and it’s chic.

Many homeowners are intimidated by the complex nature of a kitchen upgrade, but it’s much easier than it seems. You don’t need a professional to come redesign the entire space. You just need a few days and the knowledge you’re about to work hard.