How to Incorporate Your Dream Pool with a Multi Functional Deck

18 May 2017

It's been your dream forever, a pool along with a multi functional deck that completes your picture of what a backyard area space should look like and how it can make life so much more enjoyable for you and your family. You're wondering how it can be done without a lot of time and hassle involved.

Planning is the key with any kind of design and incorporating a deck with either an in ground or above ground pool can be a challenge, but with the right steps and strategies, the two can be combined.

Look at actual plans for backyard pool and deck designs through online sources, magazines, books, pool and deck brochures, advises the Chicago-based backyard pool designers at Sunset Pools & Spas. Gather some ideas from these sources as to what will meet your expectations. With both a pool and a deck in the mix, there are numerous designs available to get exactly what you want.

One thing to remember with any kind of in ground pool, you are going to encounter increased budget expenses because of permits, additional plumbing, excavating and other ground issues. When you add a deck to the mix, expenses will be higher. There are less costly options with an above ground pool that includes a deck within its installation, so you might want to consider that option and look for above ground suppliers that do both.

Again, whether choosing an in ground or above ground pool and deck, there are still choices to be made that go along with your style and expense account. Selections run from basic circular deck styles that wrap around the entire pool area to more expanded and multi-level designs that can incorporate barbecue areas for outdoor cooking, spaces for patio furniture ensembles, overhead shelters with incorporated lighting, storage areas for towels, pool toys, pool supplies and other deck accessories.

Other choices to be made include selecting the kind of materials you want to use for either an in ground or above ground pool deck. With sun exposure, chemically treated pool water and normal wear and tear, you want to consider composite lumber or plastic decking that are both treated for protection and any kind of slippage issues. Pressure treated wood is also a consideration but needs to be maintained in order for it to remain in a good and safe condition.

Attractiveness and accessibility are concerns as well. You want a pool and deck integrated and positioned in a back yard area so they are pleasing to the eye as well as natural and cohesive in their setting. A deck should also provide easy access, entry and exit from a pool area. You don't want to have difficulty with ladders and steps that can make actually stepping into or out of a pool a hazardous activity.

You can incorporate your dream pool with a multi-functional deck. Whether you are going to do it yourself, contract it out, or even do part of it yourself, you still need a plan to follow. Do a little research and find the design of your dreams or incorporate your own design with another. Your dream pool and deck are within reach with a little knowledge and input.