How to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

17 August 2017

Securing your home before going on vacation is a vital part of ensuring you have a peaceful and relaxing time. Therefore, keeping a few ideas in mind to consider before you leave your home vulnerable, can help ensure that peace of mind. If you don't have a trusted family member or friend to keep a close eye your home, you may want to consider a few extra steps to add security to your home.

Insurance Plan

Always have an insurance plan whether you rent or own to cover any potential theft or damage to your home and property.

Home Security Cameras (Indoor and Outdoor)

It's always wise to have a home security system, but if you don't have one, there are other security measures that can be taken to provide the same type of security. You can buy camera systems to install inside and outside that you can view while you are on vacation to visually see and hear everything that is going on 24/7. You can set timers on the cameras to record when there is movement, and can even have alerts sent directly to you. There are also products that can trigger fire alarms or motion sensors you place on the windows and doors. Anything can be seen and recorded simply by viewing these products on your cellular device or computer.

Lights (Indoor and Outdoor)

Lights have the potential to help deter prowlers because they don't want to risk being seen. Therefore, incorporating both indoor and outdoor lighting, both electrical and solar, can help increase security. Security Doctors, a company offering home security in Chicago, suggests that, “Aside from leaving your outdoor lights on, putting solar lights with sensors can help cover the rest of the house and yard to pick up any movement going near the home (inside and outside of gates, around windows, garages or sheds).”

Lock up Everything

Lock all your windows and doors. Having bolt locks on all your doors can also add extra security. Additional bolt locks from inside the home can add even more security to your doors (in the event you enter and exit through a garage).

Set Timers

Setting light timers to go on and off can help make it appear that you are at home. Another alternative to this would be to use solar lighting both indoors and outdoors to keep the lights on without using switches or timers.

Unplug Everything

Unplug all your small appliances to avoid any potential power surges.

Safeguard with a Safe

Protect your most precious belongings in a safe (especially sensitive documents). If you don't have a safe, hide them in a very safe place.

Don't be Conspicuous

Make sure others don't notice you are away. Allowing a close friend or family member access to your home while you are away would be wise to keep a close eye on everything inside and outside your home. It's important that your mail or newspapers don't get backed up so it doesn't appear you are gone. If you don't have someone to watch your home, you can put a temporary stop delivery on these services until you return.

Taking extra security measures to secure the safety of your home and property can prove to be a more effective way to protect your home. After properly securing your home, you can focus more on having a relaxing vacation and feel more confident that your home is secure while you are away.