Quick Cleaning and Organization Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

27 April 2017

All of us dread housework, but with these quick cleaning and organization hacks, busting out the rubber gloves can be less of a chore.

Set a simple and easy to follow cleaning schedule.

Not every room of the house has to be cleaned in one day! Try dividing those mundane chores into smaller, easier to achieve tasks. Create a schedule with small items to be done and display it somewhere every member of the household will see it and be held accountable. Clean out the refrigerator on Monday, sweep and mop the floors on Tuesday, clean the toilets on Wednesday. The specifics of when these tasks are completed doesn’t matter, just make it fit your lifestyle.

Do your laundry regularly as opposed to letting it build up.

No household chore is worse than having several loads of laundry to sort, wash, fold, and put away in one day. Instead of putting it off until you're down to your last pair of socks, try washing and folding a load as soon as you have enough clothes to wash! It's less overwhelming, and you won't have to wait two weeks before your favorite shirt is clean again.

Purge your home of items you haven't used in 3 months or more.

The key to organizing your home and keeping it tidy is having less junk. That means finally getting rid of the electric guitar that you never learned to play and have been using as a coat rack since 2010, or donating your high school "skinny" jeans. You'll feel better when you let go, and less junk equals less work.

Keep the supplies in your cleaning arsenal basic.

The home cleaning section of your local store can easily be overwhelming. Products exist for just about everything: shower scum, rust, faux hardwood, tile, multi-surface, windows, stainless steel polish. Do you need them all? No. So keep it simple and basic. Have a spray bottle of vinegar for water spots, glass, and tile. Multi-surface polish for your furniture. Spray bleach to disinfect places like the kitchen and bathroom. It decreases the time you spend sifting through your cleaning caddy, and prevents you from spending money on products you don't need.

Buy a shoe organizer and keep it near a high traffic area.

Putting away your shoes is one of the simplest and most ignored ways to keep your home looking organized and tidy. Instead of kicking them off in front of the couch or in the front hallway where you're likely to leave them for days; put them away. Putting a shoe organizer by your main entrance can help you form a habit of storing your shoes, keeping them organized, and out of sight.

The simplest things can make a world of difference, and make life much easier.