Reduce Clutter and Live Like an Essentialist

22 May 2017

Have you made plans to give your house a makeover this season? You are in good company. An online article from quoted a survey from 120,000 members of a popular homeowner’s site. Of that number, at least 70,000 people said that they did some home remodeling in 2015. Although this is a small representation of homeowners across America, the article opines that the national numbers are quite higher and will continue to rise.

There is just something about the doldrums of winter that entice us to make changes in our abode. Whether it is rearranging some furniture or adding a new addition, there is a lot of work involved in home renovation. The subject is so popular, that television networks have a plethora of DIY designing and home renovating shows by celebrities. If you are ready to make some changes, consider these helpful hacks for renovating and redecorating:

Clutter Is The Enemy

No one is immune from the occasional clutter. It just seems to get worse over the busy winter holidays. Not only do you have your extra baggage, but you have to deal with all of the junk accumulated by your family. If you are remodeling or just doing some redecorating, it is best done with a clean slate. 

Essentialists will tell you how physically and mentally refreshing it is to bring possessions down to a minimum. That does not mean that you and your family must live a Spartan life in a monastery. It just means that the only things you have around you are those that are essential or truly loved. 

If you recruit the whole family, you can tackle home decluttering room by room. Some things you should consider renting are a portable dumpster, a large recycle bin, and a self-storage unit. These will make your job much easier. Sort your things into four different piles: keep, donate, recycle, and dumpster.

How To De-Clutter Efficiently

You must take a firm hand when you sort through your family’s things. Anything that has not been used or worn in the past six months should go. Things that are decent and in good repair should go in your donate pile. If it is worn out and can be recycled, throw it in your recycle bin. Pitch the rest of the clutter in the dumpster. If you find that you do not have enough space for some things you want to keep (i.e. seasonal clothing, family keepsakes), put them in your storage unit. You can create different looks in your home by revolving things from the storage unit to your house. According to the waste management experts at Lakeshore Recycling Systems, it’s smart to practice this every Spring or every other Spring.

Now that you have more space and can breathe, you can start your renovation project. The dumpster will come in handy again for construction waste. Just check with your local ordinances concerning what waste can go into dumpsters. Soon, you will have a renovated and redecorated showplace that you will be proud to show all year long!